October 18–24, 2014  //  Portland, OR

Portland Cocktail Week

Portland Bartender Institute

Would you like to teach a class at Portland Bartending Institute 2014? Submission forms will be available soon, stay tuned!

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Majors for 2014

Advanced Bartending 
All you’ve ever wanted to be is Murray Stenson. We get it. He’s amazing. And, you want to be too. This Major focuses on the skills you’ll need to achieve this lofty goal. Classes will be held in a kitchen where you’ll improve knife skills, service technique and explore flavor.

Beyond the Bar 
It’s 2014, and there are more careers to choose from as a bar professional than ever before. You can consult, represent a brand or develop beverage programs for amusement parks. Name it, and it probably exists. This Major prepares you for the pitfalls, challenges and rewards for this career path.

Bar Ownership/Business
Face it, there is nothing cooler than owning your own bar but, it’s not without its challenges. This Major will prepare you with the skills, tools and business savvy necessary to open your own place. Already an owner? We’ve got you covered with an advanced track that explores the challenges inherent in owning multiple spaces.

Innovation & Development 
How does a new product come to market? Between the legal concerns, building a marketing plan and getting FDA approval, the process isn’t simple. This major explores that process from concept inception to getting your wares on shelves or behind the bar.

Auditing Opportunities

If you are one of our many wonderful Festival Pass holders you are offered the opportunity to Audit Classes.
Here is how is works:
Read through the class list below, and take note of the one’s that peak your interest.  Also, check out how many spots there are, some rooms are smaller than others.  Show up to class per location and time listed, 10 minutes prior to the start and check in with the room attendant at the door.
Once the Major students are seated, you will be allowed in on a first come first come basis, by the list collected.
Remember auditing spots are not guaranteed, but are certainly likely.   Also, if the class is a tasting, we will do our best to get you a set up, but again, it is not guaranteed.

Class Schedules 2013

Monday Oct 21
Tuesday Oct 22
Wednesday Oct 23

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