What you need to know about PDXCW

Do you have questions about this years Portland Cocktail Week? You should find all the answers here.

If you don’t see your question answered, we want to fix that.  Just drop us a note at faq@pdxcw.com and we’ll get you an answer.

What is Portland Cocktail Week?

Portland Cocktail Week is an educational program designed for bartenders who are looking to take the next step in their career and build lasting relationships with their peers along the way.

Who can attend Portland Cocktail Week?

PDXCW is open to all working bartenders, bar owners, managers, suppliers and distributors.

How do I attend Portland Cocktail Week?

We have 4 ways you to attend:

Sign up for a Bartender Pass – Open to all working bartenders, this pass gets you access to all events and the ability to audit classes on a first come, first served basis. It’s absolutely free, and doesn’t require a week-long commitment like the student program – you just need to be a working bartender who is not currently representing a brand.

Buy an Industry Pass – This pass is specifically designed for those working on the supplier and distributor side who want to attend Portland Cocktail Week, but do not have a Sponsor Pass. Industry Pass holders have access to all events and the ability to audit classes on a first come, first served basis.

Apply to Attend as a Student – Portland Cocktail Week Students are guaranteed admittance into all assigned classes and the full schedule of events. Some students will also be awarded scholarships, which earn you a room at our host hotel for the week. Student Applications are currently closed for 2019.

Sponsor PDXCW – All Portland Cocktail Week Sponsors receive passes for their teams that give them access to all of the activities open to Industry Pass holders.

What are the Majors and Minors?

Portland Cocktail Week’s educational programming is organized into Major and Minor programs that allow Students to focus on the information most important to their personal and professional goals.

Click here to learn more about the Majors and Minors for 2019.

And here for the class schedules:

Where should I Stay?

SE Portland: The Jupiter Hotel is the host hotel for Portland Cocktail Week 2019 and the place to be to take advantage of complimentary transportation to and from classes and events.

SW Portland: The World Trade Center Portland is the home of all the classes and the exhibits, and is centrally located on the west side of the river.

Please Note: The Jupiter is fully booked by Portland Cocktail Week and is not available for booking to those who have not received an explicit invite from the PDXCW staff.

How much does POrtland COcktail Week Cost to Attend?

Portland Cocktail Week is committed to offering free programming for all working bartenders. That’s right, this event is completely free for working bartenders! Haven’t signed up yet? That’s ok, you still have time to sign up for a Bartender Pass here. All you need to do is sign up, get to Portland and find a place to stay. We will provide regular transportation to and from events and the Jupiter Hotel, food and drinks throughout the event. // If you are not a working bartender, but you’re in the industry, you can purchase a pass here.

If you’re interested in covering the event for a publication, want to volunteer or have something you’d like to talk about, send us an email at info@pdxcw.com.

What’s a Mashup?

The natural progression from pop ups, MashUps challenge two bar programs-one from Portland and one from, well, anywhere else-to collaborate and create a brand new concept that highlights the best from both programs while also celebrating their sponsor brand.

The best part? PDXCW offers transportation between all of the evening’s MashUps to make sure you can see them all safely!