PDXCW 2019 Majors and Minors

Portland Cocktail Week offers education in six Majors built and taught by leading industry professionals with unmatched experience in their field. Deans and Professors work together to build curriculum geared toward the focus of the Major.

Take a look at our Majors and talented Deans:


Let’s get into real solutions for real problems. Learn what a sustainable, balanced menu looks like, with speakers from bars who have implemented them creatively and inspiringly. Look into the best possible floor plan to maximize energy usage, and learn region by region what resources are available to help you minimize your bar’s carbon footprint.

Kelsey Ramage
and Ian Griffith
of Trash Tiki


Understand how to solve bar problems using scientific concepts and thought processes without the requirement of expensive lab equipment. You will expand your knowledge of clarification, carbonation, cocktail balance, and milk/fat washing.

Dorothy Elizabeth
Jared Sadoian
Donny Clutterbuck


Gain the skills necessary to encourage people to build on their own fundamental values and capabilities that  create a state of leadership. Management is the act of empowering employees to be the best version of themselves.

Jackson Cannon
Lynnette Marrero


Learn the real world process of creating and pitching a business plan. Each class is designed to help students work through the process – from ideation to financial models – and, ultimately, pitch their project to theoretical investors.

Angie Fetherston
Derek Brown


The theater of tending a bar and the magic of selfless service combine to transport us from ourselves & our problems, to a safe place where all are welcomed without judgement. The delimiting factor in any great bar is the person or people standing behind it, their willingness to listen and to learn, and their generosity of spirit.

Phoebe Esmon
Sother Teague


Students in this major can expect to walk away feeling inspired to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, but more importantly action oriented steps to reinforce or lay a foundation for a profitable and conscious business. Hospitality consultation is one about negotiation, creative property, and systems.

Ashtin Berry
Otis Florence
Introducing our Minor Program!

This year, in addition to Major Classes, Portland Cocktail Week will also be offering a Minor Program with curriculum focused on topics beyond the bar. Take a look at our Minors and Deans:!

Can I sign up for a Major?

At Portland Cocktail Week we separate our curriculum into focused areas of study all centered around a specific topic or career path. Each year these change to reflect the industry and where we’re headed, but each track offers you tactical and practical information and skills you can bring back home.